Swath of Destruction New Brazilian President Takes Aim at the Amazon

Jair Bolsonaro, the new Brazilian president, wants to open up protected indigenous territories in the Amazon rain forest to mining, cattle ranching and farming. The decision could be a fateful one for the global climate. By Marian Blasberg, Marco Evers, Jens Glüsing and Claus Hecking more... Comment ]

May's Brexit Debacle: Britain Finally Confronts Reality

May's Brexit Debacle Britain Finally Confronts Reality

Now that British Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal has been rejected by parliament, it is time for the European Union to concentrate on preparing for a no-deal Brexit. Because a deal with the UK is not currently possible. A Commentary By Markus Becker more...

Saving a Memorial The Immense Challenge of Preserving Auschwitz

Conservators at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial are doing all they can to preserve artifacts left behind by those murdered at the camp in the Holocaust. Structures, too, need refurbishment. But the goal of authenticity is a difficult one to reach. By Martin Doerry more... Comment ]

German Foreign Minister Maas: 'Trump Could Hardly Have Chosen a Worse Moment'

German Foreign Minister Maas 'Trump Could Hardly Have Chosen a Worse Moment'

In a DER SPIEGEL interview, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas laments America's rejection of multilateralism and says that Donald Trump does not view the U.S. as the leading power among liberal democracies. He's hoping to save the INF. Interview Conducted By Christiane Hoffmann and Christoph Schult more... Comment ]

Isolated in Berlin Trump's Ambassador Finds Few Friends in Germany

Since arriving in Berlin as U.S. ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell has flouted diplomatic conventions and attempted to interfere in domestic politics. He has since become politically isolated in the German capital. By Konstantin von Hammerstein more... Comment ]

Former Brexit Minister David Davis: 'We Should Not Be Afraid of No Deal'

Former Brexit Minister David Davis 'We Should Not Be Afraid of No Deal'

In an interview, former British cabinet minister David Davis says he believes the Brexit deal between the EU and Britain will ultimately fail. The politician also expresses doubts about the predicted chaos that could spark. Interview Conducted By Jörg Schindler more... Comment ]

Monsanto Merger Migraine: Safe Or Not, Roundup Is Toxic for Bayer

Monsanto Merger Migraine Safe Or Not, Roundup Is Toxic for Bayer

German multinational Bayer underestimated the risks of acquiring Monsanto. Now, the company is desperately seeking to contain the damage by selling business divisions and cutting jobs. So far, though, none of these moves have helped. By Frank Dohmen, Martin Hesse and Armin Mahler more... Comment ]

Enshrined Impotence Germany Joins a Dysfunctional Security Council

Germany is once again part of the UN Security Council for a two-year stint. But the council's inability to put a stop to the violence in Syria and Yemen in recent years shows the need for reform is more urgent than ever. Can Berlin make a difference? By Dietmar Pieper more... Comment ]

Avi Loeb on the Mysterious Interstellar Body 'Oumuamua: 'Thinking About Distant Civilizations Isn't Speculative'

Avi Loeb on the Mysterious Interstellar Body 'Oumuamua 'Thinking About Distant Civilizations Isn't Speculative'

Astronomer Avi Loeb believes that the interstellar object dubbed 'Oumuamua could actually be a probe sent by alien beings. Given the evidence that has so far been gathered, he says, it is a possible conclusion to draw. Interview Conducted by Johann Grolle more... Comment ]